There have been some rather compelling cases made
publicly for air service to return to Indianapolis, and
here is where we are collecting public comments
made by local and civic leaders on why this is such a
necessary element for Indianapolis. 

In reading these comments, I can’t help but see this a
direct result from the collapse of ATA, American Trans
Air in 2008.  I believe these comments help prove the
case for Legacy Travel Club, not just as a leisure
vacation club, but as a vital commerce link for the
economic health of the region.

Be sure to look at the results of our 8 month poll, asking visitors about their opinions of air service here in Indy. 
It is quite interesting!

Thank you,
Chris Allen
President and Owner, Legacy Travel Club

October 27, 2012
Hoosier technology entrepreneurs have fretted for decades about the shortage of direct flights to technology hotbeds. They say the transportation hurdles frustrate their efforts to land venture capital, thereby holding back the growth of budding tech firms in the region.  Read more...

Indianapolis’ dwindling number of nonstop flights-- especially to the West Coast--threatens to stunt the city’s convention business just as officials are marketing the expansion of the Indianapolis Convention Center and downtown’s hotel market, including the 1,005-room JW Marriott.


"The most important thing we can do collectively together is to make sure we get nonstop flights to places like Silicon Valley, Austin (Texas) and Boston.  If we don't do that, we are literally stuck in the mud because a Venture Capitalist is not going to invest if they can't get here.  (Indianapolis)." 
- Scott Jones, Owner of Cha-Cha and Indy Entrepreneur.