About the Club

    Legacy Travel Club is the country club of the skies.  It is the exact opposite of what airlines are today.  All first class seats, free onboard Wi-Fi, hot meals en route, and most of all, direct, nonstop service from Indianapolis International Airport. 

    Flying should be something you enjoy, not endure.  Look at what's happened in Indianapolis during the last few years.  With airline mergers and ongoing consolidation, getting anywhere to or from Indianapolis can be a real hassle.

    With the loss of ATA Airlines (American Trans Air) in 2008, a huge void was left behind in its heartbreaking demise.  Where some saw disaster, I saw opportunity.  In the ashes of ATA's loss, Legacy Travel Club began.

        We encourage you to look around our website... see what our interior will look like, see what our aircraft looks like in flight!  See for yourself the "win-win" travel club that brings back non-stop service back to Indianapolis...
you'll agree, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Sincerely yours,