Legacy Travel Club is proud to announce that Ft Lauderdale is now a city that will be served.

"Ft. Lauderdale is a vital destination for Indianapolis," said Chris Allen, founder and President of Legacy Travel
Club.  Plans will include Ft Lauderdale as a regular destination from Indianapolis three
times a week during the
colder winter months. "That route was wildly popular with ATA," noted Allen. 
"And it will be on Legacy." he added. 

As a member driven charter operation, Legacy Travel Club features Florida as its cornerstone in launching operations. 
Ft Lauderdale will join St. Petersburg, Melbourne, Ft Myers, and West Palm Beach in its
exclusive Florida service. 
Direct flights to Florida will happen three times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays during the 1st, 2nd, and
4th quarters each year. 

For more information, call Founder and President Chris Allen at (317) 418-4841, or by e-mail at chris@legacytravelclub.com

DISCLAIMER: Legacy Travel Club is not a certified air carrier. We are currently a start-up, working toward becoming  operational.