Leave a legacy… give back.

During the dreadful last years of ATA Airlines, the company was led by people outside of Indianapolis that had absolutely no regard for what ATA meant to Indianapolis, and the region. The original inspiration and commitment to the area was sadly lost in the transition.  This was a key lesson and brick in the foundation of Legacy's beginning.

Legacy will proudly serve Indianapolis and its surrounding communities by planting deep roots within the city.  You are the folks who will pay our salaries and put gas in the tank, and we are here for you.  This will be our founding principal; to be involved, to care, and to give back to the people we serve.

How will we do that?
  • Volunteering at important functions and charities.  I've been known to ring bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas, nothing is beneath us at all! In fact, some of the best experiences I've ever had helping people have been in the Salvation Army kitchen.
  • Supporting and sponsoring other businesses and people.
  • Establishing good rapport with people and the businesses we work with.