Five (5) free trips per year, per person/per $25,000 slot. Choice of entire roster of trips offered. Accommodations & transfers included. Free unlimited airfare on any trip per person/slot.  AIR ONLY, NO ACCOMMODATIONS.   (Please note we have to be profitable.)

Set aside 10 seats per flight for investors.  (Blocking off more seats would undermine profitability. Can add more seats as company grows.)

If all ten investor seats are taken, investor has complimentary stand-by options for ALL Legacy flights.  This means if the flight is NOT sold out, but the 10 investor seats are taken, then you would be on the stand-by list on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.
Usage of Colts & Pacers suite for any event.  Limited to two people. Must make reservation within reasonable time frame. Delete this option as many didn't see this as an attractive perk. 
Use of aircraft at cost.  Book your groups using our Boeing 757 aircraft at cost.  Prime access to 104 all first class jet or 184 mix seating jet. No feedback on this option.
Pre-notification of all trips.  Get a jump-start on the trips you want before everyone else knows. No feedback on this option.
6% annual dividends. Divert dividends into a savings account for investor to spend for any and all Legacy related travel costs.
Can book friends and family without being a member. No feedback on this option.